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Auckland Winners
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Jesse McLeod: The Journey (2004)
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Burns and McCloud (2004)
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Cool-A-Rama (2004)

Wellington Winners
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Heinous Crime (2004)
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How To Deal With The Situation (2004)
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Nice And Easy (2004)

2004 Finalists AKL (12 films)
Includes Jesse McLeod: The Journey, The Sceptre of MacGuffin, The Making Of ...
2004 Finalists WGTN (12 films)
Includes Toy Boy, Forbidden Fury, The Flatmate Tree ...
2004 Entrants AKL (22 films)
Includes In Loving Memory, King of Bongo, The Flash Man ...
2004 Entrants WGTN (1 films)
Includes Quench
2004 Special Feature (1 films)
Includes Special Crime Unit 2 (Trailer)
2003 AKL (4 films)
Includes Heartache, I Am Vantar, Stars Of Track And Field ...